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    The4byssWatcher's Introduction

    Hey! Welcome to the forums
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    Christmas Questionnaire

    With Christmas right around the corner, couldn't think of a better time for a little questionnaire! Feel free to reply in the thread answering any of the following questions: - Favorite Xmas Song: - Favorite Xmas Movie: - Favorite Xmas Beverage: - Favorite Xmas Food Entree: - Favorite Xmas Book:
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    Phazzy's Introduction!

    Hey Phazzy, good to see you here :) and welcome to the forums
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    RedArrow's Intro

    Congrats! That's awesome :), great to hear that and really happy for you <3
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    RedArrow's Intro

    Hey RedArrow! Love the introduction, thanks for sharing it. Congrats on moving in with your girlfriend and preparing to start a family! I was just curious how long you've worked with Proctor and Gamble because, as you said, they make everything :p. Glad to have you on the server as well :)
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    Hey Pog! Welcome to the forums :)
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    Favorite Music Genre

    Hey everyone! I'm very passionate about music, and would love to hear what your favorite genre is. Feel free to reply below with your favorite genre, as well as what you love about it! For me, it's hard to decide because what I like to listen to depends on the activity I'm doing. For working...
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    Alex's Introduction

    Hi everyone, My name is Alex and I'm a male senior student pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. I'm currently 21 years old, and I love working out, playing video games, hanging out with friends, watching YT, playing a variety of sports/outdoor activities, socializing, and...
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    Introduction to the CalamityMC Forums

    CalamityMC Forums (Finally!) Welcome to the forums! They're finally here after a long wait, for you to all access server information easier, apply for staff positions, and just chill out! This post will guide you through our forums; If you see any errors or have any suggestions throughout our...
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    CalamityMC Survival Guide (Getting Started & General Information)

    CalamityMC Survival Guide - Getting Started & General Information CalamityMC Survival is a classic survival server equipped with numerous plugins aimed at providing you with the best experience possible. Upon joining the server for the first time, you'll want to give "/rules" a read, and...
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