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    currently broke

    currently broke
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    YJacyy's Introduction

    Hello there! I'm YJacyy, better known as YJ! I am a player on the CMC server :) I am 14 and a pro bedwars player haha, I like PVPing and Interacting with the people on the server! Sometimes I hop on Discord and say 'Hey!'. Come find me on the CMC server :)
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    What features do you wish the server had?

    Dont know if this is a feature but, could we remove certain stuff in the nether e.g. we remove normal skeletons or remove endermen, to increase the spawn rate of wither skeletons, currently, it is quite hard to find them.
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    Christmas Questionnaire

    Song: All I Want For Christmas Film: The Christmas Chronicles Beverage: Hot Chocolate Food: Turkey / Christmas Stuffing Book: A Christmas Carol
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