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  1. RedArrow

    WTB - Axe with Eff 7 and Unbreaking (no silk touch)

    After a decent axe that must have Eff 7 and unbreaking (100) It must not have silk touch though. Reply with screenshot of the one you're selling and i'll reply with an offer.
  2. RedArrow

    What Enchantment would be best for...?

    Here is a comprehensive list for Enchantments. I found this on the MC forums, so take no credit in writing this up. Just thought maybe useful to other players asking this same question I often asked. :) The order enchants are applied makes no difference in their effectiveness. It may affect...
  3. RedArrow

    WTB - Enchants and Netherite Ingots

    Looking to buy Sharpness 5 and Netherite Ingots. Will pay around $4,000 for the Sherpness 5 and $6,500 for each Ingot. RedArrow.
  4. RedArrow

    RedArrow's Intro

    Hello there! I'm RedArrow, 'n I stumbled upon CalamityMC while searching for a half decent MC server to enjoy with my Newphew and Father to play on. And boy, how lucky I feel to have choosen CalamityMC to call my Home server. It's full of great Staff and other players that are always willing...
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