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  1. MushroomCMC

    Build-Off - April 2021

    Build-Off Join us from now on until the 24th, midnight GMT for a creative Build-Off! The theme is: Spring! We have also added a few new features to the plots. For example each plot is now bigger 67x67, and you can build 15 blocks deep under your plot. There is also a brand new control panel...
  2. MushroomCMC

    Egg-Off - April 2021

    Egg-Off Join us on the 24th of April for 3 rounds of Egg-Off (+1 warm up!) starting at 9pm GMT (4pm EST)! The Egg-Off is similar to our snowball fights event back in December. Each player gets assigned randomly to one of two teams, yellow and pink. They get put in the arena, one against the...
  3. MushroomCMC

    Beta Bedwars - April 2021

    Bedwars We will be hosting our very first Bedwars event on the 10th of April, starting at 9pm GMT (4pm EST)! As this is our very first bedwars event, blocks, prices and items may vary in the future (and feel free to make suggestions as a reply to this thread!). There will be a points system for...
  4. MushroomCMC

    Egg Hunt - April 2021

    Egg Hunt Come and join us on the 3rd of April starting 9pm GMT (4pm EST) for a very special easter event! The Egg Hunt event will consist of players searching for hidden eggs all around a custom built island! Each egg will have one of 5 rarities, these rarities being worth different points...
  5. MushroomCMC

    Hide and Seek - March 2021

    Hide and Seek Hop on the /events server on the 20th of March at 9pm GMT (4pm EST) for 5 rounds of Hide and Seek! You simply have to hide on the map provided, and events team will be the seekers. If you don't get found after 15 minutes, you get 1 point. If everyone is found before that time, the...
  6. MushroomCMC

    Build-Off - February 2021

    Build-Off Join us from now until the 20th (23:59 GMT) for a Valentine’s themed Build-Off! After the time frame, the events team will judge the builds based on aesthetic, creativity and closeness to the theme. If you want to explore the spawn area during this event, you can do so by typing...
  7. MushroomCMC

    Hunger Games - February 2021

    Hunger Games Join us on the 27th of February (Saturday), from 9pm GMT (London time) for 5 rounds of Hunger Games! The winner will be determined by their placing in each round of the event. First place counts as 2 points, and 2nd place counts as 1. Any other places will not get any points. The...
  8. MushroomCMC

    Bracketed PVP Tourament (Duos) - February 2021

    Duos PvP Tournament Join us next Saturday (Feb 13th) for a Valentine’s themed bracketed PvP tournament, this time in teams of 2! The event will start at 9pm GMT (London time) and can last up to 3-4 hours if the fights are slow, but should ideally end in 3 hours. Each player in the team will get...
  9. MushroomCMC

    Snowball Fights - January 2021

    Snowball Fights Join us on January 30th from 9pm GMT (4pm EST) for 3 Teamed Snowball Fights! The players in this event will be divided into 2 teams each round randomly. The winning team's members will receive 5 event points per game won, and by the end of the game, there will be a prize for the...
  10. MushroomCMC

    BoatRace - January 2021

    BoatRace Join us this Saturday (January 16th) from 9pm GMT (4pm EST) for 5 BoatRace rounds! The winner will be calculated with a points system, 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points and 3rd place gets 1 point. Anywhere after that no points will be given. In case there are multiple...
  11. MushroomCMC

    Skin design contest - December 2020

    Hey! Please read the original post sent by Nick above, as it states that the entry needs to be an edit of his skin to qualify for the theme :)
  12. MushroomCMC

    Build-Off - December 2020

    Build-Off Join us starting now (Dec 26th) until Wednesday (Dec 30th) 23:59 GMT (18:59 EST) for a themed Build-Off event! The theme this time will be: Firework show! The winner will be decided by 3 main points: - Design of fireworks individually - Overall show - How well the redstone is hidden...
  13. MushroomCMC

    Christmas Questionnaire

    Song: Jingle bells, covered by Michael Bublé Movie: Grinch (original) Beverage: Cinnamon hot chocolate with baileys and marshmallows Food: I haven't been craving food lately, so something sweet and/or chocolatey (like cupcakes) Book: I don't have one, but I guess the Grinch would count here as well?
  14. MushroomCMC

    Skin design contest - December 2020

    Nick in blue christmas sweater and pj pants with bunny slippers :3 Have I mentioned bunny slippers? OwO
  15. MushroomCMC

    Hunger Games - December 2020

    Hunger Games Join us this Saturday (Dec 19th) from 9pm GMT (4pm EST) for 5 rounds of Hunger Games! The winner will be the one with the most 1st place wins in total, and in case there are 2 or 5 players with the same score, there will be a 6th round just for them. This event will use 1.9 PVP...
  16. MushroomCMC

    MushroomCMC's Introduction

    Hey lovelies, I'm Mushroom! I am an admin here on CalamityMC, and I've been here since the very first days of the server. It's been crazy, watching this server become what it is today, from the 1-2 players online (other than the Admins) it was then. I have always enjoyed making events, where...
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