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BoatRace - January 2021


Join us this Saturday (January 16th) from 9pm GMT (4pm EST) for 5 BoatRace rounds!
The winner will be calculated with a points system, 1st place gets 3 points, 2nd place gets 2 points and 3rd place gets 1 point. Anywhere after that no points will be given. In case there are multiple players with the same score, there will be a 6th round just for them. The races will take place on a race course made out of
Ice. Make sure to read the rules at the bottom of this post before the event!


1st Place - 1 Calamity Crate key + Event Tag + Trophy (on the server of your choice)
2nd Place - 1 Armageddon Crate key + Event Tag + Trophy (on the server of your choice)
Participation - 1 Event Point per round

General Rules:

1) Don't try to break the event in any form.
2) Listen to Event Staff and Events Team.
3) The use of any hacks or illegal texturepacks is forbidden, if you are unsure about your modifications, ask a staff member.
4) You can swear, but not at others.
5) Be respectful of staff and players alike.
6) Spamming of any form is not allowed.
7) Please use english only in the chat.
8) Racism, homophobia or sexism will not be tolerated.
9) Do not be inappropriate in the chat or in the voicecall.

Event Rules:

10) Teaming of any form is not allowed.
11) Getting out of the boat will get you immediately DISQUALIFIED and FORBIDDEN from taking part in further rounds!
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