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Build Off - July 2021


Join us from the 3rd (Midnight BST) till the 10th (23:59 BST) for a week long creative Build-Off!
The theme is: Vacation!
Following the event, the events team will judge your builds based on aesthetic, originality and closeness to the theme.

How to enter:

To enter the event, first use the /events command, then simply go to the current event building (/warp Event) and click the NPC there. After that you will enter a "minimap" room, that acts as a bird's eye view of the plot locations. Simply select a plot by clicking the parrot on it. To return to your plot at any time, you can do /home buildoff.


1st Place - 1 Calamity Crate key + Event Tag + Trophy (on the server of your choice)
2nd Place - 1 Armageddon Crate key + Event Tag + Trophy (on the server of your choice)
Participation - 10 Event Points

General Rules:

1) Don't try to break the event in any form.
2) Listen to Event Staff and Events Team.
3) The use of any hacks or illegal texturepacks is forbidden, if you are unsure about your modifications, ask a staff member.
4) You can swear, but not at others.
5) Be respectful of staff and players alike.
6) Spamming of any form is not allowed.
7) Please use english only in the chat.
8) Racism, homophobia or sexism will not be tolerated.
9) Do not be inappropriate in the chat or in the voicecall.

Event Rules:

10) Trying to view or copy another player's builds will get you disqualified.
11) All builds must be appropriate.
12) If the build doesn't follow the theme, or is unfinished (and we cannot recognise it) you will be disqualified.
13) For the build to qualify, it must be original.
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