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CalamityMC Survival Guide (Getting Started & General Information)

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CalamityMC Survival Guide - Getting Started & General Information

CalamityMC Survival is a classic survival server equipped with numerous plugins aimed at providing you with the best experience possible. Upon joining the server for the first time, you'll want to give "/rules" a read, and familiarize yourself with our server's rules. If you have any questions, or need clarification about any of the rules, feel free to contact a staff member for a more detailed explanation. Once you've done this, you'll be able to get started on the server by using "/rtp" [random teleport]. This command will teleport you somewhere randomly into the wilderness, at which point you'll be free to begin exploring the server and finding a place to build your home.

CalamityMC is grief and theft-free. Our server utilizes a plugin called GriefPrevention that allows people to claim their land, and control what level of "trust" other players have on their claimed land. How to Claim: The simple explanation for claiming land is use "/kit claim", and then right click two opposite corners of the region you want to claim. If you've claimed the land properly, you'll see a glowstone and gold block square highlighting the region you have just claimed. Note: The first chest you place will automatically claim a 5 x 5 region.

As you begin your journey, you will notice things such as "Woodcutting increased to 1." These messages come from our plugin McMMO, designed to bring an RPG aspect to the server. The plugin allows you to level up various skills to unlock cool perks (ex: Mining Double Drop Chance). You can find additional info about all of the skills by doing "/mcstats", or "/(skillname)" for info about a specific skill (Ex: "/mining"). Each of the skills have different perks available from leveling them up.

Our server also has a Jobs plugin that, similarly to McMMO, allows players to choose a job and level it up. You can browse the available jobs using "/jobs browse" and selecting the one that interests you [or manually entering "/jobs join (name)"].The unique thing about jobs is it gives you money for doing your job(s). Additionally, once you've hit Level 25 on a given job, you will start collecting job points that can be used to purchase job keys through /jobs shop. These keys are purchased for 25,000 jobs points per, and can be used at "/warp jobs" on their corresponding crate for a chance to win some sweet rewards. This plugin is the primary source of income for new players, as it allows for passive income growth as you go about doing your regular MC activities. Note: For new players, I'd highly recommend Miner or Fisherman.

There are a substantial amount of additional ways to increase your balance and compete for the top balance on the server. The most common methods of money-making are fishing and farms, and it seems that cactus farms in particular seem to be of high popularity. There are other ways to make money, including voting, mob grinders, and selling items to other players at the "/mall." The mall allows players to buy plots for a specified period of time and sell items on it. It has become one of the most effective methods of growing one's balance through selling items and building a good reputation within the community.

The server features a bunch of other plugins to make the server experience more exciting, including tags, guilds, crates and more. You'll familiarize yourself with all of the fun things about Calamity as you spend more time on the server. Until then, good luck and see you around!
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