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Egg-Off - April 2021


Join us on the 24th of April for 3 rounds of Egg-Off (+1 warm up!) starting at 9pm GMT (4pm EST)! The Egg-Off is similar to our snowball fights event back in December. Each player gets assigned randomly to one of two teams, yellow and pink. They get put in the arena, one against the other.
The goal on a team level is to eliminate the enemy team. The goal of each player is to get as many kills as they can, as that is what will determine the winners of the event.

Event items:
Nests - These act as refill stations, there are a total of 3 on the map, the one in the middle is faster than the ones at the team's bases
Orange Juice - Health 2 potion, each player gets 2
Cloud Potion - Jump Boost 2 potion, lasts for 10 seconds, each player gets one


1st Place - Trophy, Tag, 1 Calamity Crate Key
2nd Place - Trophy, Tag, 1 Armageddon Crate Key
Participation - 5 event points per round to the members of the winning team

How to join:

To join the event, simply go to the /events server (accessible from everywhere) at least 5 minutes before the event starts.

General Rules:

1) Don't try to break the current event or events server in any form.
2) Listen to Event Staff and Events Team.
3) The use of any hacks or illegal texturepacks is forbidden, if you are unsure about your modifications, ask a staff member.
4) You can swear, but not excessively or at others.
5) Be respectful of staff and players alike.
6) Spamming of any form is not allowed.
7) Please use english only in the chat.
8) Racism, homophobia or sexism will not be tolerated.
9) Do not be inappropriate in the chat or in the voicecall.

Event Rules:

10) If you use any of the kit items before a round begins, you will not get the items returned to you, and you will start with a disadvantage.
11) Do not cut in line while waiting to get added to a team! If you do this, you might get jailed.
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