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Event Applications
Application Requirements:

- You must be at least 13 years old.
‣ You must be an active member of the server and have at least 48 hours playtime and have been on the server for a minimum of 14 days (/playtime).
‣ You must have access to discord, and be in our server (/discord).
‣ Do not lie or plagiarize in your application, this will lead to rejection or demotion.
‣ You must have not been punished for breaking rules in the past 30 days (Does not include warnings.)
‣ You must be familiar with the features of our server, as well as Minecraft in general.
‣ If you do not use the application format below, your application will be denied.
‣ You must NOT mention your application in game afterwards.
‣ You must be able to work well in a team, and take criticism and feedback well.
‣ You must have access to a microphone for calls/meetings, a video recording software helps too.
‣ If your application is denied you must wait a minimum of 2 weeks before applying again.

Event Team Responsibilities:

‣ You are responsible for creating, maintaining and running events. This sometimes get's very busy and may demand a lot of hours some weekends.
‣ It is your duty to take player suggestions and create unique events from them, as well as your own creative ideas.
‣ There is a lot of building for events team, and even though not essential, some build skills are preferable.
‣ You must be able to organize live events and control groups of players.
‣ Judging build event and similar event submissions.

Application Tips:

‣ Check over your application for spelling mistakes, if you can't put this tiny effort into your application, it is unlikely we will accept you for the events team.
‣ Sell yourself, be creative, creativity is key for events team, so don't be shy!
‣ Give lengthy detailed answers for each question, rather than short one word answers or one sentence. It takes the extra effort, but makes your application look a lot better.
‣ As stated before, DO NOT LIE in your application, we will eventually find out and you will be demoted.
‣ Just be yourself, not who you think we're looking for.
‣ There are tons of way to stand out from other applications, this includes voting, sticking to the rules, helping players out, commenting on the forums and discord, etc.
‣ Please use the formatting functions to make your application appealing to the eyes.

After your Application:

‣ You are not guaranteed any response from staff. We will contact you if we need more information or if it has been accepted, otherwise we will not contact you.
‣ Your application may be left open for months; Often we receive good applications but don't have any positions, so we leave them open. If your forum is still open and not closed/denied, it is open.
‣ Your application will be denied by us deleting the forum post/commenting letting you know it has been denied.
DO NOT mention your application in game, to any players or staff, it does not set a good tone and can result in your application being denied.
‣ If you do get rejected, do not take it to heart, reach out if you want feedback and try and improve on it for next time; We have current staff who got into staff on their 2nd/3rd application, so it isn't the end of the world.

Thank you for taking your time to read our guideline! Please use the format below and open a new thread under this forum for your application, applying everything stated above. If you do not post in this section of the forums, and do not use the format, your application will be instantly denied.

Application Format:
Thread Title:

• Please use the following example for the threat title: "<IGN>'s Events Application".
For example, "UK's Events Application"​
General Questions:

• Minecraft Username:
• Age:
• Discord Tag:
• Timezone:
• Playtime:

• Which server do your primarily play on?
• How long have you been playing Minecraft, and CalamityMC?
• How many hours per week can you commit to the server?
• How active are you on discord?

Open-Ended Questions:

• Why do you want to join the events team?
• Do you have experience with command blocks, and if so, how extensive?
• Do you have any experience with vanilla Minecraft commands, and if so, how extensive?
• Do you have any previous experience with Minecraft plugins, and if so, to what extent and which plugins?
• How would you describe your build skills?
• Please describe an idea you have for an event.
• Do you have any relevant previous experience?

• Please attach any supporting documents to the application. This can be screenshots of builds, videos, etc.

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!
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