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Favorite Music Genre


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Hey everyone!

I'm very passionate about music, and would love to hear what your favorite genre is. Feel free to reply below with your favorite genre, as well as what you love about it!

For me, it's hard to decide because what I like to listen to depends on the activity I'm doing. For working out, I usually stick with 1970s-2000s rock, modern rap (Ex. DaBaby), or EDM. Just generally listening to music, I listen to pretty much anything (except metal), but usually choose pop or rock. Finally, when it comes to relaxing/studying/etc., I tend to enjoy R&B, soft rock, or pop (ex: Glass Animals).

Look forward to hearing from you!


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My favorite music genre depends, it changes from day to day. Some days I prefer country where as most I prefer rock. Also find myself listening to a mix of genres within one playlist just out of favorites from each genre, like Alex I'll listen to any genre of music it all just depends on my mood.
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