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Introduction to the CalamityMC Forums

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CalamityMC Forums (Finally!)
Welcome to the forums! They're finally here after a long wait, for you to all access server information easier, apply for staff positions, and just chill out! This post will guide you through our forums; If you see any errors or have any suggestions throughout our new site, please let us know either here, or on our discord!

General Website Layout

Above, you will see a navigation bar with seven different, interactable buttons: Home, Forums, Members, Store, Staff, Votes, and Wiki. The Home and Forums buttons will redirect you to our forums home page, where you will be able to find a multitude of important information accessible via our forums (more on that later). The members button will redirect you to a members page, where you will be able to see notable members, as well as search for specific members using the "Find Member" box located in the middle left of the page.

The store button will redirect you to our network store, where you will have the option to donate to our server and receive various perks for your donations. The staff button will redirect you to our staff page, where you will be able to see a thorough list of all of our previous and current staff members, as well as their respective ranks.

The votes button will take you to our voting page, where you will find all of the links you can vote for CalamityMC on. Note: Only 1 person can vote on a given IP 24 hours. This means, if someone else on your IP votes for the server or another, or if you vote for another server, you will not be able to vote for CalamityMC until the cooldown timer expires. The Wiki button is a direct hyperlink to the Wiki category of the forums, where you will find many useful for guides on getting started and various plugins utilized by our network.

Forums Layout

The forums are divided into seven different categories, each containing subcategories and threads within. The seven forums categories are as follows: Staff Area (Restricted), Server Info, Community, Donor Lounge (Restricted), Calamity Lounge (Restricted), Feedback and Reports, and Applications and Appeals (Restricted). The categories of most importance to general players will be the Server Info, Community, and Applications and Appeals categories.

Within the Server Info category, you will find the following four subcategories: announcements, rules, wiki, and frequently asked questions. All of these are relatively self-explanatory; the announcements subcategory will be general network announcements, the rules subcategory will include the rules for Survival, Skyblock, and Factions, the wiki category will include useful guides to both getting started on the network and some of the core plugins contained within, and the frequently asked questions will address some of the most common questions we receive from players.

Within the Community category, you will find the following four subcategories: introductions, player shops and trading, general chat, and off topic. This category will serve primarily to connect the players of the community and allow new players to introduce themselves. Players will be able to advertise their shops and items they're trying to sell to other players here, interact with other members of the community, and banter about anything non-MC related in the off topic subcategory. As a new player, please feel comfortable creating a new thread and introducing yourself to the community.

The Applications and Appeals category will be for players who have received a punishment for breaking the rules, or have an interest in applying for a staff position. Templates will be provided for both, and it is expected of you as a player to follow the templates whenever applying for staff or appealing a punishment. Punishment Appeals will be grouped into one subcategory, where all appeals will be submitted. Staff Applications, however, will be conducted in different subcategories for different teams. The subcategories for the various staff teams are as follows: Helper Applications, Events Team Applications, Build Team Applications, and Social Media Team Applications.

Please be sure you submit your application under the subcategory you are applying for; failure to do so will result in the application being denied. If you have thoughts about applying for staff or any interest in being a staff member, we strongly encourage you to apply as we consider all applications [not to mention it's an automatic no if you never make an attempt]. If you appeal a punishment, you can expect a response within 24 hours regarding the status of your appeal [if not sooner].

Thank you!

We would like to personally welcome you to our network, and hope the information contained here helps you navigate both around the website as a whole and the forums contained within. If you have any further questions, please contact a staff member and we'll do our best to help you in the timeliest manner possible.
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