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Koth FAQ

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King of the Hill!

How do I join the arena?
Type /warp pvp

How do I win?
You need to be the first player to gather 420 points, and you gain a point for each second you spend controlling the arena. To control it, either be the first player to enter it or push the controlling player outside of the area outlined by the grey carpets (picture below).


What do you get for winning?
You earn either 1 or 2 Koth Key(s) (50% chance for both) to open the unique Koth Crate at /warp crates (picture below).


How many times do Koths happen?
Koths are scheduled 6 times a day every 4 hours, from 2am to 10pm London Time. But beware: at least 3 players need to be online for a Koth to start!

Do I lose my points if I stop controlling the arena?
No, points stack even if you lose the hill control, and the first person to gather 420 points wins.
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