Punishment Appeal Format! [COPY TEMPLATE FROM HERE]

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Punishment Appeal:
Appeal Guidelines:
• Do NOT appeal for kicks and warnings. These will not be removed, and will stay on your record permanently.
• Only apply for temp-bans if you think the ban was wrong; Do not ask for it to be reduced without good reason.
• Posting your appeal outside of this forum will result in your appeal being rejected.
• If you do not use the given format, your appeal will be instantly rejected.
• If your punishment lasts for less that 24 hours it will be rejected.
• Do not appeal for a minimum of 30 days if your appeal was previously rejected.
• If you break any of these guidelines, or appeal to troll, you will be banned from the site too.

Application Format:
Thread Title:
• Please use the following example for the threat title: "<IGN>'s Punishment Appeal".
For example, "UK's Punishment Appeal Application"​
Information Required:
• Minecraft username:
• Staff who punished you:
• Punishment:
• Reason:

• Why you think this punishment should be reversed:
• Additional Information:

• Please attach any supporting documents to the application. This can be evidence, screenshots of your ban, etc.

Thank you and GOOD LUCK!
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