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Skyblock Custom Enchantments Guide

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Guide to Custom Enchantments in Skyblock

This guide will guide you through the custom enchantments plugin in Skyblock. This should help you understand everything easier so you can be on your way to getting the highest enchanted tools!

There are over 200 Enchantments added to the game through this plugin, so it's very easy to get overwhelmed and confused by these new additions. Below you will find everything you need to know about the plugin and its features, and how to master the enchantments, starting with the basic commands below:

This is the main plugin command and when used will list all available commands you're able to use.​
This command will open up the Enchanter GUI. More information on this GUI can be found below in the "Enchanter" section.​
This command will open up the Tinkerer GUI. More information on this GUI can be found below in the "GUIs" section.​
This command will open up the Alchemist GUI. More information on this GUI can be found below in the "GUIs" section.​
/ae info <enchantment>
This command will list the information about a specific enchantment.​

Below you will find sections detailing different parts of the plugin! Just click the on the spoilers below to reveal that section:
Enchanter GUI


- This GUI is one of the ways you can purchase enchanted books. This is opened with the /enchanter command.

- It will display 6 different boxes, as can be seen in the image above. These colours represent the rarity of each of the enchantments, and the price of the enchantment will depend on how rare the enchantment is.

- This is a gamble, as you never know which enchantment you will receive, and you may get one you've got before.
Tinkerer GUI


- This GUI is basically where you salvage unwanted tools and enchanted books, and in return the tinkerer will reward you with items such as experience, dusts, and other mystery and secret items!

- Just place the items you don't want anymore into the box on the left and the Tinkerer will show you what he has to offer on the right, once you are happy with the trade, click the red glass pane in either corner, and then you will trade items.
Alchemist GUI


- This GUI is where you can combine your items from the custom enchantment plugin!

- You can combine two similar type dusts here for a better rate (the rates will stack).

- Or you can combine two enchantment books of the same type for an increased level, for example two Speed I books to make a Speed II book.
Slot Increaser
Applying this item to an item will increase the number of enchantment slots available on the item.​
Enchantment Orbs
Enchantment Orbs can be applied to armor and weapons and will increase the amount of enchants you can apply on the item by the number specified in the orbs lore.​
White Scroll
Applying this to an item will protect it from being destroyed from a failed enchantment. You will need to reapply this once it has been used.​
Black Scroll
This will take one random custom enchantment from the item, and give of a book of it with success and destroy rates.​
Randomization Scroll
Applying this item will randomize the success and destroy rates to hopefully give a better on.​
Secret, Magic and Mystery Dust
These dusts when applied to items will increase their success rate, while decreasing the failure rate.​
Success Rate
This is the chance that the enchantment will succeed and be applied to the item.​
Failure Rate
This is the chance that the item you're trying to enchant will completely break and vanish.​
You can apply trackers to tools to see specific stats related to them, for example how many kills a sword has done, or how many blocks something has broken.​
Transmog Scroll
This will reorganize enchantments on an item to be be in order of rarity.​
Found an item you can't find here or want more detail on? Let us know in our discord!

This wiki is NOT finished! Please check back for regular updates!


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