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Subdivision Claims Guide!

What are subdivision claims?
- Subdivision claims are claims within claims that players can be trusted to like normal. They are most useful for towns covered by one large claim, as they can be used to trust players on just specific parts of the town.

How do I see them?
- Subdivision claims will show as iron blocks and white wool inside of the gold block and glowstone claim boundaries that are shown with a stick.

How do I create them?
- Subdivision claims are created by switching into subdivision claiming mode /subdivideclaim (/basicclaims to switch back). In that mode you can create the subdivision claims like they are normal claims.

Do they cost additional claimblocks?
- No, they do not cost additional claimblocks to create.

Subdivision claims cannot overlap

Players trusted in the "basic" or main claim can access all subdivisions.

Players trusted only in subdivisions can only access the subdivisions they are trusted in.

Removing subdivision claims.

- Subdivision claims can be removed by confirming you are standing in the one you want to remove and typing "/abandonclaim". As long as you are standing within the subdivision it will not delete the main claim.

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