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Why can't I craft hoppers?

To prevent lag we use the EpicHoppers plugin, this disables crafting of hoppers. They can be bought from /shop.

Why can't I place hoppers?

There is a cap of 10 hoppers per chunk.

Why aren't my villagers spawning?

There is a mob cap of 5 villagers per chunk to prevent lag.

How do I get more claim blocks?

You can get claim blocks for free by voting /vote. You can also buy them by typing /buyclaimblocks

How do I use money?

You can make money by joining a job, /jobs browse - this will automatically pay you for doing the selected job chosen. You can see the payouts by typing /jobs info [JOB]. You can also sell things to /shop as well as other players by using sign shops.

Where can I find the jobs crates?

Type /warp jobs. To be able to open a crate you'll need level 25 for the job you'd like to open a crate in as well as 25k job points. To check your points balance type /jobs points. To purchase a key type /jobs shop.

What ranks are there?

We have 3 ranks available for all players, the first is voter ranks. You can unlock these by voting! To see the perks of these ranks type /warp voteranks. The second is level up ranks. You can unlock these with your in-game balance! To see the perks of these ranks type /rankups. The third rank is donor ranks. You can unlock these ranks by donating to the server!
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